Paid Webinar Hosting Platform

Transforming the delivery of your in-person presentations and events into paid webinars for business or fundraising.  This can apply to any content that you have that you want to monetize. The initial focus is on people with existing client base whose work has been limited due to Covid restrictions and looking to a virtual channel to replace or supplement their in-person business.

Business Use Cases

  • Adding an on-line channel to a paid in-person events or series
  • Removing the middleman if you are on an existing content platform
  • Using existing owned content to monetize your IP
  • Build a content platform of complementary speakers


  • Scalability – no longer limited to who can physically be at an event
  • Reusability – Extend the lifetime of your content by being about to deliver in more platforms
  • Flexibility – Replays of content available after the event if people miss it or want to time shift
  • Intimacy – Maintain your connection to your client with chats for larger groups or video for private small group sessions
  • Greater Reach – No longer limited to a geography for your location or your participants
  • Low Cost and Short Time to Entry – Leverage existing content and clients to begin webinars immediately once the platform is up
  • Reliability – Platform is deployed using established service providers

Service Platform Integration

The end-to-end platform included all stages of the delivery of your content from Social Media advertising to Ticket purchasing to Registration to Webinar delivery.  This include payment processing and analytics on sales and registrant engagement.  This platform integrates a best of breed set of vendors for a turnkey solution with minimal configuration for each new event.  Individual vendors can be replaced if you are already using a provider for one piece of the end-to-end solution.

Case Study

Artfully Staying Alive – Virtually:  Transforming a boutique business reliant on local, in-person events to embracing and growing with webinars.

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